“The Poetry of Color” Paintings by Linda Stelling

May 20, 2017

June 3, 2017

1546 Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Event Description

Artists Corner Gallery proudly presents “The Poetry of Color” paintings by Linda Stelling.
The show will run from May 20 through June 3, 2017. An Opening Night Reception will be held on Saturday, May 20, 7-10 PM.

The Critical Eye by Phil Tarley

Linda Stelling is a Los Angeles artist who fills her paintings with the poetry of color. The images she conjures up are point and counterpoint to the verse that she writes. Stelling is a visceral artist who also contemplates her inner life on canvas.

Phosphorescent, phantasmagorical color pours out of her mind’s eye and saturates each of Stelling’s artworks. Her highly chromatic abstracts leave the viewer enthralled and invigorated by their clashes of originality and a kind of sweet synesthesia that her wild palette provokes.

Stelling can’t resist giving way to creative flights of fanciful abstraction. Rapturous and playful, the best of her paintings, like Santa Fe, are deeply and beautifully rendered. Her expressive smudges, along with the heavy orbs of pigment she uses, emphasize her striking, wildly colored brushwork. Luminous and numinous, her paintings reveal, on close inspection, a complex, somewhat mysterious layering technique that pulls your soul deeply inside the colors in her canvases. The painter’s use of brilliant pigments—sometimes sparingly, other times forcefully—creates powerful explosions of movement, hue, and intensity.

Sea Monster is a compelling peek into the artist’s psyche, interpreting her dreams with a Jungian methodology. She began that painting and then let it sit for a while, channeling her subconscious and her dreams as a way to continue working.

Stelling abstracts figurative images infused with her own bright, incendiary palette. Her curvy, undulating depictions of feathers, flowers, land and seascapes organically tumble together as she reconfigures their shapes. The artist feels that, “my paintings are meant to instill a psychic vibration. The blending of colors and abstract forms are meant to parallel the dynamics of internal desire, redirecting the viewer from expression to actuality.”

The relationship between the subject and the background speaks to an ongoing dynamic not only within the subject itself, but in the artist’s perception of it. As the figurative subject disappears in a maelstrom of color, it is the abstraction, and its emotional appeal to the viewer, that lingers.
Stelling has been working on a vast suite, an ode, if you will, that aspires to a new genre of figurative abstracts, filled with raucous riots of color.

The result is a congenial exhibition, a mix of twenty-odd paintings brimming with a cacophony of moody, delicious, colorful madness and a myriad of painterly delights.

RSVP Opening Night Reception: gallery@artistscorner.us

More Information: http://www.artistscorner.us/linda-stelling/

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