The DAC Gallery presents “Replete Repeat Repeat Replete”

October 14, 2017

November 10, 2017

431 S. Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90013

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Event Description

The DAC Gallery is proud to present Replete Repeat Repeat Replete, a group exhibition featuring artists James Rosenblum, Dianna Rodriguez, and Larry Nichols from the ECF Art Centers Program, as well as artists Jenny Hager, David Leapman, and Steven Wolkoff from the Los Angeles art collective, Durden and Ray.

The exhibition considers repetition and its cumulative effects, both psychological and relational, through artworks where duplication is both a means to an end, and an end in and of itself.

The accrual of repeated marks, objects, and motifs in the works on display deliver a platform for a focused way of looking and thinking that can make the subconscious conscious. Not obsessive but meditative, the repetitive processes of accumulation that have created these works provide spaces to shift into new, more rhythmic thinking patterns. Additionally, the gross amassing of a single, repeated image provides opportunities for experiencing, more viscerally, the overwhelming power of the mass produced.

By bringing together artists who have developmental disabilities and artists without such disabilities or challenges, the exhibition presents a unique occasion to see a wide range of practices utilizing layered mark-making, seemingly endless object castings, and systematic memory mapping.

Durden and Ray
Founded in 2009, Durden and Ray is comprised of 24 artist/curators who work together to create exhibition opportunities at their downtown Los Angeles gallery as well as in concert with artist groups and gallery spaces around the world. Durden and Ray concentrates on small, tightly curated group shows at the gallery, organized by the members, and hosts international artists as part of a commitment to global exchange and alternative networks. The Durden and Ray model expressly overlaps multiple strategies, including the commercial potential and visual identity of a gallery, the democratic structure of an artist group, the potential to create collaborative works of art in the manner of a collective, and the shared fiscal support of its programs by group members and project partners similar to a nonprofit organization. Durden and Ray is committed both to individual praxis and to shared aims of curatorial experimentation, visual research, and artistic exchange with international partners.

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