Schoos Night Gallery presents “The Future Moves Slow”

November 11, 2017

December 31, 2017

8271 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046, United States

Event Description

The party in the spirit of Latin American art in Los Angeles is not over – both the VIP Opening and After Party is going to be in the form of the pop-up exhibition, The Future Moves Slow, set in Schoos Night Gallery. Woven together by art that shows the intricate diplomatic relationship between the United States and Cuba, Psychitecture Magazine in collaboration with Artists in Mind and the award-winning Schoos Design will be showing a collection of works by artists who were founders of the Cuban Abstract movement in the 1950’s to Contemporary Cuban art. With the political spin, the gallery aims to spark a discussion that buttresses a healthy relationship between the two countries that have a long-shared history with one another.

Renowned artists that will be attending the exhibition: Robert Toledo and Damian Aquiles. Featured artists include: Miguel Machado, Ruben Rodriguez, Vladimir Sagols, Salvador Corratge, Cuty Ragazzone, Liudmila & Nelson, and Orestes Hernandez.

Each artist brings a spin on the vibrantly rich country of Cuba and the strong spirit of its people. Some artists like Orestes Hernandez integrate bright and vivid colors to exude the colorful culture and controversial issues of Cuba while others take a different approach, such as Damian Aquiles who uses recycled metals, canvas, and plastic to create art with an environmental theme in mind. All the works of art push the political and social issues of Cuba into the spotlight for intellectual thought and discussion all the while bringing an appreciation for the diverse talent of the people.

The film Havana Libre, directed by Corey Mclean, is an in-depth study of the dream of artists and athletes to legitimize the sport of surfing in Cuba. The surfing story is carried by other themes and concepts in the film such as resistance to change and the young generation creating bridges of communication despite dangerous ravines of uncertainty and danger. Seth Brown, Marco Bava and Tyler Dunham’s photographic series is informed by the evolving story of Cuba’s underground surf culture struggling to legalize their sport. The Makewild images evoke a feeling of American familiarity, yet the melancholic uncertainty of realizing something here is different – something uniquely Cuban.

The Schoos Design is a design firm whose unique lens of perspective is constructed from a cultural and global awareness. Schoos Design has been awarded the Hospitality Design award three consecutive times, and they have won the Gold Key Design Awards for Best Restaurant Casual Dining: Puesto. Newly founded Schoos Night Gallery focuses on artists from a wide variety of media that explore the intersections of arts by conjuring emotions of the human experience and challenging society to address the larger questions that unite and divide us personally and globally. Artists in Mind is an art gallery and community organization dedicated to supporting artists locally abroad and supporting the communities in which they inhabit. This event invites artists, collectors and art lovers to a unique space where they will participate in a curated and celebratory intimate event.

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