SAGE Projects & Charlotte Patterson

April 16, 2016

May 14, 2016

12:00 To 18:00

300 S Anderson St, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Event Description

SAGE Projects is pleased to present Los Angeles based photographer, Charlotte Patterson, in her first solo exhibition in conjunction with the Month of Photography Los Angeles. An opening reception will be held Saturday, April 16th. The works will be on view through May 14th.

Earth, wind, water, and metal, the simplest elements of existence, are the foundation in this arresting display of photographic vision. Through her dynamic process of forced decay and rebirth of an original image, Patterson forces the viewer to reconsider traditional modes of perception and representation in photography. Moving away from the literal and into the abstract, Patterson infuses the viewing experience with ideas of ephemerality and immortality, the artist’s lens ultimately bringing focus to the delicacy between the gestures.

Implementing traditional methods of analog photography to start, Patterson took discarded sentimental images from her childhood, placed them in a box, and left them exposed to the elements of her family’s ocean facing garage in Malibu. Six years later, she recovered the sea salt and wind corroded images; nearly unrecognizable imprints of memories on discontinued c-print paper.

Derelict, yet evocative in quality, these memories on paper had taken on new life in abstract form. Building upon this process, Patterson then arranged and rephotographed the decayed images – making a statement in scale by mounting the delicate yet dramatic results on extra large floating aluminum panels. The outcome, alike a still life of dreams, is both dynamic and sublime in it’s representation of the framework of memory and nostalgia. The viewer finds each piece an introspective flashback, some vibrant and rich in color, some more delicate and elusive, all resembling layers upon imprints of times lived and times past. Collectively, these works represent a study of lives lived, morphed and manipulated into an architecture of dreams, poetic in quality with a melancholic longing for something lost.

With sharply defined metal used as the vehicle of presentation, Patterson’s once fragile snapshots of eternal memory are at once immortalized. Juxtaposed by several smaller works of near-abstract landscapes, the illusory qualities of both are revealed, with mechanisms of beauty and impermanence resonating in each.

Through this series, Patterson reminds the viewer of the beauty that lies in the imperfection of all things, while creating a dialogue around concepts of memory, the passage of time, the perception of the eternal, and the undeniable reality of impermanence over all things.

Charlotte Patterson received a B.A. in Photography from Sarah Lawrence College and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. This exhibition is on view at the gallery through May 14th. Sage Projects is open to the public Saturdays 12pm-7pm and by appointment Tuesday-Friday 12pm-7pm.

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