ProjectArt presents “My Kid Could Do That”

April 6, 2018

April 8, 2018

The Underground Museum, West Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Event Description

ProjectArt announced today that its first Los Angeles benefit reception and exhibition will take place April 6-8, 2018 at The Underground Museum. The second edition of My Kid Could Do That follows ProjectArt’s inaugural benefit and exhibition in New York last April, which featured the childhood artworks of Katherine Bradford, Laurie Simmons, Tom Sachs, Urs Fischer, Katherine Bernhardt, and many other celebrated New York artists.

ProjectArt aims to combat the elimination of arts education in public schools by partnering with public libraries around the country to create free arts programming for children ages 4-17. Through its residency program, ProjectArt also enlists practicing artists in each city to teach individualized art classes in exchange for grants and studio space. These partnerships—and the support of foundations and businesses across the country—allow ProjectArt to create an efficient and easily scalable model that puts the organization on the path to being the nation’s largest arts education program for youth as well the nation’s largest artist residency program.

“The travail to fill the nation’s current void, where over four million elementary youth do not receive access to arts education in the U.S., inspires our mission,” says Adarsh Alphons, who founded ProjectArt with 10 children in a Harlem community center in 2011 and has since opened chapters in Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles. “At this moment in our history, exposing our children to arts education is more important than ever.”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has been on board with the ProjectArt mission since the organization touched down on the west coast last summer. Since that time the organization has established programs in four libraries across the city in underserved communities from Inglewood to Arlington Heights. “Arts education is not a luxury, but one of our most important teaching tools. It helps unlock hidden talents, uncover new passions, and inspire bold thinking,” says Garcetti. “I am proud that ProjectArt is using one of the greatest public resources—our libraries—to empower young people through creative expression.”

With a ticketed opening, the Los Angeles benefit that serves as the annual fundraiser for ProjectArt in general will feature a group exhibition of childhood works by acclaimed California-based artists including Lita Albuquerque, Peter Alexander, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Carmen Argote, Charles Arnoldi, Lianne Barnes, Louise Bonnet, Theodore Boyer, Brian Bress, Delia Brown, Sarah Cain, Katy Cowan, Zoe Crosher, Karon Davis, Tomory Dodge, Sam Falls, Eve Fowler, FriendsWithYou, Yaron Michael Hakim, Tim Hawkinson, Alex Israel, Glenn Kaino, Shana Lutker, Nathan Mabry, T. Kelly Mason, Keith Mayerson, Jake Kean Mayman, Yassi Mazandi, Kim McCarty, Barry McGee, Adam Miller, Catherine Opie, Ariana Papademetropoulos, Ry Rocklen, Ed Ruscha, Anja Salonen, Kenny Scharf, Jim Shaw, Nora Shields, Adam Silverman, Jen Stark, Diana Thater, Kulapat Yantrasast, Bari Ziperstein and more. In addition to a series of ProjectArt editions for sale, a number of unique experiences, and special items will be auctioned to benefit the chapter, which will host a series of artist-led workshops for local children at The Underground Museum during the weekend of April 6-8. The exhibition and children’s workshops are free and open to the public.

At The Underground Museum, a mixed-use creative space founded by the late Angeleno artist Noah Davis and his wife and fellow artist Karon Davis, the ProjectArt mission is put into practice every day with members of the Arlington Heights neighborhood who are given access to a range of community building art-focused events and activities, ranging from readings and film screenings to block parties, performance art pieces and world-class art programming. In 2015 MOCA and The Underground Museum launched a multiyear collaboration that realizes exhibitions developed by Noah Davis that use works from MOCA’s esteemed collection of contemporary art.

“One of my goals since joining the board has been to help create a benefit concept that would generate awareness and support but also feel connected with the message and the mission of ProjectArt,” says Kyle DeWoody, ProjectArt Executive Board Member and Los Angeles’s benefit co-chair. “We wanted an idea that we could replicate in each city by engaging the local creative community. My Kid Could Do That was so successful in New York that we felt an obligation to put the concept to work in Los Angeles, a city I’m proud to call my home and whose arts community has been a force for innovation since the 1950s.”

ProjectArt Los Angeles Participating Artists include:
Lita Albuquerque
Peter Alexander
Lisa Anne Auerbach
Carmen Argote
Charles Arnoldi
Lianne Barnes
Louise Bonnet
Theodore Boyer
Brian Bress
Delia Brown
Sarah Cain
Katy Cowan
Zoe Crosher
Karon Davis
Tomory Dodge
Sam Falls
Eve Fowler
Yaron Michael Hakim
Tim Hawkinson
Alex Israel
Glenn Kaino
Shana Lutker
Nathan Mabry
T. Kelly Mason
Keith Mayerson
Jake Kean Mayman
Yassi Mazandi
Kim McCarty
Barry McGee
Adam Miller
Catherine Opie
Ariana Papademetropoulos
Ry Rocklen
Ed Ruscha
Anja Salonen
Kenny Scharf
Jim Shaw
Nora Shields
Adam Silverman
Jen Stark
Diana Thater
Kulapat Yantrasast
Bari Ziperstein

2018 ProjectArt Los Angeles Advisory Council Members
Greg Armas
Craig Castilla
Sylvia Chivaratanond
Sarah Connolly
Anthony Cran
Carlton DeWoody
Kyle DeWoody
Lauri Firstenberg
Phil Hoelting
Deborah Irmas
Dwyer Kilcollin
Michael Maloney
Yassi Mazandi
Randi Molofsky
Claude Morais
Thao Nguyen
Andrea Pemberton
Virginia Pereira
Darren Romanelli
Michael Slenske
Yves Spinelli
Kim Swift
Rufus Wainwright
Jorn Weisbrodt
Naomi Wilding
Lyn Winter
Brian Wolk

About ProjectArt
ProjectArt transforms the nation’s public libraries into vital cultural hubs by offering youth year-round visual art classes and providing studio spaces for emerging visual artists. With only ten children in a Harlem community center, ProjectArt Executive Director Adarsh Alphons founded ProjectArt in 2011. Piloting a myriad of ideas on how to scale the organization’s mission, the partnership with public libraries was realized to provide free arts education to all underserved youth in the U.S., who do not have access.

In Los Angeles, ProjectArt currently has 4 sites serving 180 students. ProjectArt will reach a minimum of 1,260 students by 2021. Overall, ProjectArt will be in 12 cities, reaching 226 libraries and making a difference in the lives of over 10,000 youth. ProjectArt provides youth a safe space to create, enabling them to develop holistic, pro-socialization skills as they prepare to enter an ambiguous society. As a 2015 CNN Hero, arts education reformer, and community scholar, Mr. Alphons has championed ProjectArt to provide youth and artists vast access to the arts. At highly effective, grass-root city levels, ProjectArt reforms the ways in which society invests in arts education and is building a truly 21st Century art school. ProjectArt LA

About The Underground Museum
The Underground Museum (The UM) is a non-profit dedicated to exhibiting world-class, museum-quality art to diverse communities for free. The UM upholds the belief that art is an essential part of a vibrant, just, and healthy society. We serve low-to-moderate income neighborhoods, and LA’s creative community, through exhibitions, film screenings, workshops, a public garden, and wellness programs, with the hope that increasing the access to art will inspire, educate, and transform lives.

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