Betsy Enzensberger at West Elm

May 7, 2016

May 7, 2016

13:00 To 16:00

1433 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA

Event Description

West Elm presents the work of Betsy Enzensberger in a pop-up show of her oil on canvas paintings as well as her most recent series of limited edition giclee prints.

“I am a professionally trained painter who gravitates towards abstraction. The creation process of abstract art accesses a unique, subconscious part of my brain that allows hidden emotions to surface.
There is a concept of infinity in my art, creating vivid worlds with unlimited, endless boundaries. When analyzing my work, the viewer is free to interpret as they please. However, my art is intended to awaken a particular set of emotions within the viewer.
My most recent painting series involves various layers and colors of oil paint. Beginning with only a color palette, the composition presents itself after several hours of layering thin, oil glazes. With fine, calligraphic brushstrokes, these pieces depict organic life with a strong sense of movement and layers of depth and curiosity.
The process of creating is the most important aspect of my work. Ultimately, I strive to create beautiful, meaningful art works that evoke peace, nostalgia, and euphoria in the viewer.”

—Betsy Enzensberger

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