Sin City Gallery presents Nude Survey VI

September 16, 2017

October 21, 2017

900 Karen Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Event Description

Sin City Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition, Nude Survey 6, a group exhibition consisting of 40 artists from Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Nude Survey provides a contemporary take on the historical portrayal of the nude. The exhibition runs from September 16 to October 21, 2017, with an opening reception on September 16th, 7:00 to 9:00 PM, at New Orleans Square, located in the Commercial Center, in Suite A212, 900 Karen Avenue.

Nude Survey is the brainchild of Los Angeles artist, Eric Minh Swenson, who produces documentaries of artists, galleries and museums from Los Angeles to Miami. Nude Survey exhibits a range of work from abstraction to realism, from digital illustrations to oil paintings, to create works that celebrate the human form. Per Swenson, “It is life exposed in its glorious form, naked and raw, polished and supple, wet and warm.”

Eric Minh Swenson and Sin City Gallery are honored to present the following artists:

Aaron Sheppard – Las Vegas
Ali Fathollahi – Las Vegas
Angela Izzo – Los Angeles
Babak Motamen – Los Angeles
Beau Roulette – Los Angeles
Betsy Enzensberger – Los Angeles
Bradford J. Salamon – Los Angeles
Bryan McCarthy – Las Vegas
Carlo Ronconcio – Las Vegas
Catherine Kaleel – Los Angeles
Chris Bauder – Las Vegas
Craig Skibs Barker – Los Angeles
Dakota Noot – Los Angeles
Dave Naz – Los Angeles
David Aaron Smith – Las Vegas
David Buckingham – Los Angeles
David Veliz – Las Vegas
Diane Bush – Las Vegas
Eden Sz – Los Angeles
Elissa Lieberman – Los Angeles
Eric Johnson – Los Angeles
Jeff Wack – Los Angeles
Jim Camp – Los Angeles
JK Russ – Las Vegas
Kellesimone Waits – Los Angeles
Lolita Develay – Las Vegas
Marshall Bradford – Las Vegas
Nancy Good – Las Vegas
Nanda Sharifpour – Las Vegas
Oriana Small – Los Angeles
Same Source – Los Angeles
Shelbi Schroeder – Las Vegas
Steve Anthony – Las Vegas
Steve Diet Goedde – Los Angeles
Susanne Forestieri – Las Vegas
Sush Machida – Las Vegas
Tim Bavington – Las Vegas
Todd Van Bastiaan – Las Vegas
William Wray – Los Angeles

A special film by Eric Minh Swenson and Dave Naz will be presented at the September 16th opening.

Additional artists will present installations throughout the six-week NUDE SURVEY 6 exhibition.

Sin City Gallery encourages patrons to think with the senses and feel with the mind. Sin City Gallery exhibits sophisticated, alluring and thought-provoking contemporary art in Las Vegas. Globally renown for exhibiting hundreds of exhibitions on and off The Strip, the gallery presents an array of international established and emerging artists.
Sin City Gallery is regularly featured in the press for its finely curated exhibitions. An established gallery with an outstanding reputation, Sin City Gallery is also the producer of 12 Inches of Sin, an annual international juried art exhibition providing opportunities for learning through the visual arts, taking advantage of the way in which art depicts the erotic life of people and sexuality.  Within this methodology, the exhibition seeks to move beyond the idea of produced sexuality and offer an alternative, inclusive and meaningfully personalized view of human identity, sexuality, gender and expression.  12 Inches of Sin provides a platform for artists who might not quite fit into the art world proper.

For more information regarding Nude Survey 6, please contact Dr. Laura Henkel at or Eric Minh Swenson at

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